After ripping into the 240sx, i brought the entire chassis/interior harness to the bench to figure out what will be needed and what will be discarded.


Hardest was to figure out how to work the retractable headlights without the timer unit.


Test wired the headlight to a momentary switch which we do exactly what we need it to.


I picked up this suede race Sparco with no horn button, this will give me lots of room to drill buttons and laser etch some labels.


A few units I picked up for the build: Motec PDM 16, which will replace the fuse boxes and relays and really minimize all the wiring. Racegrade keypad will allow me to control all outputs on the Motec PDM via Can Signals. Cosworth ICD Race display, with integrated shift lights and alert lights, it was the best solution I could find to display everything I need.


Mocked up steering wheel.


Interior harness and front light harness, both which have sub-harnesses using all stock plugs. This will make it easy to swap to another car if I decide to remove the PDM.


Flylead harness came labeled from Cosworth for the cluster.


Cluster Sub-harness for AEM sensors which I made with Spec55 wiring, Raychem Dr-25 shrink tube.


Deutsch DTM connectors.

IMG_2447 IMG_2448

More than 50lbs of electronics thrown out. This weight reduction will be be needed.


PDM all programed and tested working,

IMG_2768 IMG_2778 IMG_2779