Approaching the daunting task of chassis reinforcement. I read most governing bodies regulations for the different time attack events, it gives me an idea what they look at when passing tech inspection. I start with weight reduction, when I cut out the holes it is dimpled leaving the swiss cheese sheet metal rigid. I do it in on most flat surfaces that will effect the chassis the least.


Brackets, reinforcement plates, and other miscellaneous bracing have been drilled out with a spot weld drill bit (not pictured). I drilled through to the outside several times, I will have to go back weld in what holes I made.


Once everything has been removed, I have began to remove all sound deadening, adhesives, and paint and primers. A heat gun was used for the deadening that was stubborn, and finished off with acetone and a lot of old microfiber cloths.


I started a small section with aircraft paint stripper, with all the crevices it was difficult to scrape off. Also, it was not effective at going through the layers of paint. The car was originally red then painted black, so thats 2 coats of primer and 2 of paint. I noticed the aircraft stripper was not strong enough to penetrate through the primers. I switched the method to mechanical, scotch brite pads have been effective in the past but on a larger scale, using the large pads on an angle grinder. I used only 4 pads to get it to the stage pictured above, 4 pads @ $5.00 each. Left a very clean and smooth finish without warping or damaging the metal, I will finish the the rest with brush on aircraft stripper.


Factory gas tank removal, theres a little fuel remaining so for safety I have removed it.


The spare tire well will not be needed, It will give me a better view on how I want to mount the new fuel tank.


I will be rolling out a new trunk pan, but it will come after planning the fuel system and wing layout.